Voilà Massage specializes in the following modalities:

Deep Tissue – After warming to loosen the surface layers, increased pressure is patiently applied to effectively separate and lengthen deeper layers. This method is useful for resolving chronic soreness.

Sports Massage – Helps prevent injuries, prepare athletes for workouts or competitions, recovery to help muscles and soft tissue absorb and respond to a workout and prepare for the next workout/game/race. Sports massage helps maintain optimal muscle condition for improved performance. Moderate pressure and active movements are used to warm and lengthen muscles before a workout. Lighter pressure and flowing strokes are used to flush by-products and promote recovery following intense workouts.

Massage Therapy Services
Dan strives to find the cause of soreness beyond treating the symptoms. He applies an integrated bodywork approach to assess and resolve muscle and soft tissue issues at their source.

Trigger Point Release – Also called Neuromuscular, this technique applies appropriate alternating pressure on contracted muscles. This helps relieve pain and restore normal function and range of motion to muscles that are acutely tight or sore. Trigger points have well-defined referrals that may produce mild relieving sensations in distant areas. For example, outer shoulder muscles have referrals to the small fingers when their trigger point is released.

Swedish Techniques – This relaxation technique involves light to moderate pressure with soft flowing strokes. It activates the para-sympathetic nervous system, inducing a peaceful, relaxing state while gently relieving sore muscles.

Headache Relief – Headaches are often caused by tight, contracted muscles and reduced blood flow. Depending on the type of headache, specific methods are applied to muscles in the shoulders, posterior and lateral neck, scalp, face and jaw.

Myofascial – Fascia surrounds every muscle in the body. Gentle sustained pressure is applied to help muscles move better within their fascial covering. Increased movement and refined proprioception are direct benefits of effective myofascial work. Targeting the myofascial around the Sacrum often brings relief to the hips and low back.